Dharma Paul Counselling and Psychotherapy Forest Gate by Stratford, East London


Counselling and psychotherapy focus on each client's issues. Counsellors and therapists do not advise or suggest ways to solve problems. Instead, you and I think together about the issues that affect you. We each explore the feelings and thoughts that are parts of what make up your life.

Our first meeting forms an assessment. It lasts 90 minutes. The aim is to identify your needs and explore whether psychodynamic counselling or psychoanalytic therapy would be helpful. We may then both take some time to think about ways forward. We might well then agree to work together.

If we did so, you would agree to attend 50-minute sessions at the same time, on the same day, every week. We would meet for regular appointments, till we agreed to end our work. While many people attend weekly sessions, those who feel the need for more support often choose to attend sessions twice weekly or, sometimes, three times weekly.

For details about my work with couples, please go to my Confidentiality and Fees page. For more information on counselling and therapy, please go to my How It Helps page.

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